Shell script collection

These are some of my shell scripts which turned out to be useful. Most of them are for Bourne-compatible shells and have been written and tested on recent FreeBSD systems. Maybe you'll have luck and they will work on your system, as well. ;-)

Copy them into some directory along your $PATH and mark them executable (chmod 0755 <filename>) in order to make them work.

See the headers of the respective file for usage and detailed license informations. Most of the following scripts are subject to BSD-style license terms.

Index of /michael/scripts/

NameLast ModifiedSizeType 2005-Jan-03 2.3K Battery monitor for FreeBSD devd 2006-May-16 2.3K Find FreeBSD ports by pattern 2006-May-16 2.4K Fetch and read RfCs. Uses a local cache. 2015-Aug-02 - Simple Offline Thumbnail Gallery Generator. 2006-Oct-08 1.8K Collect statistics from MediaWiki-powered wikis.
Michael Lestinsky 2020-05-09